Understanding Elastos the Web/Internet

The best reference for the starters

Elastos is a new Internet that is not controlled by any big corporations. Anyone can recreate or build new applications like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, or anything that is useful but with more benefits. For example, there is already an application called Feeds which is like Twitter without Twitter the company between you and your data. This means users are in control of everything they do, they own their content and there’s also no virus and hacks. There’s others applications but if you want to understand more in details I recommend this article: https://elastos.info/feeds-an-introduction/

Elastos also allow people to interact/transact online…

Analysis Of Possible Technological Partners of Elastos and NEO

Smart-Economy of NEO + Smart-Web Of Elastos

Tribalism is the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe and this phenomenon has always been a double-edged sword for the Crypto Space. Even though it doesn’t sound that bad right, tribalism can lead to bigotry and when taken to extremes, even war. In crypto, we often see such loyalty/passion coming from many communities which sounds good at first glance but I believe this behavior is also delaying the progression of the industry. …

An Overview Of Elastos and the God Protocols

Life’s encrypted energy

The conceptualization of God has always been subjectively described/argued since the dawn of time. Some definitions include the characteristic of divine simplicity, omnipresence (present everywhere), omniscience (infinite knowledge), omnipotence (unlimited power), and having an eternal necessary existence. There are different approaches, philosophies, and religions like monotheistic with the belief that there is only one God or polytheism with many gods. Fortunately or unfortunately, this article won’t cover all these mysterious secrets of the universe but will analyze the crypto world with a similar abstraction. Find out what are the God Protocols and why Elastos is the missing element to perfect…

I just added a few words to make everything blend together. Credit goes to the Elastos Devs/source: https://developer.elastos.org/elastos_blockchain/concepts/tokenomics/

Ecosystem Value

1.ELA is the base currency that governs the entirety of the Elastos ecosystem. ELA uses a unique and hybrid PoW/DPoS consensus mechanism where Bitcoins miners generate blocks and Elastos supernodes sign them, working together to secure the ELA blockchain. ELA currently has over 60% of bitcoin’s hash rate with an ATH of 80%, not only making it more secure and expensive to attack than Ethereum but also unable to be forked. Elastos is the first project which successfully addresses the blockchain trilemma issue of security, decentralization, and scalability.

2. ELA powers everything within the Elastos network. Every sidechain on Elastos…

What is Elastos?

First of all, Elastos is not an entity, it’s a global movement to build a new decentralized Internet that works for everyone. To understand Elastos, you have to understand that blockchain is only 1 component of its 4 pillars.

More technically, the base layer of Elastos is a decentralized network operating system similar to Apple(MacOS) Microsoft(Windows), and Linux but on the Elastos Internet, all the users own their content/data and more (that we will get into later). Its decentralized network has 215 000 nodes that we call carriers, they are smart devices like Apple TV. It’s this peer-to-peer network (no…


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