The true value of Elastos coin (ELA)

I just added a few words to make everything blend together. Credit goes to the Elastos Devs/source:

Ecosystem Value

This is the definition of Ethereum from Paypal. As you can see it’s a bit limited, Ethereum is not enough to create decentralized Tik Tok or Instagram, only Elastos can achieve this. Elastos has already a Decentralized Twitter and a Decentralized Tik Tok and a lot more. The 4th year is all about nurturing the ecosystem.

Speculative Value

This is purely speculation and not investment advice. I know that Microsoft/Apple are not just operating systems but they are the closest competitor to Elastos, with Linux and Android and Solid
ELA is precious like bitcoin and industrial-like Ethereum. ELA gained the Smart web Store of Value, Reserve Asset, Hard Asset, and an arbitrage opportunity against Bitcoin
This picture follows the Bitcoin narrative logic, remember when people were saying that Bitcoin was a store of value or digital gold back in the days, they were laughed at, it takes a long time to build an economy, and Elastos(ELA) intent to do it, just like Bitcoin did but in its own ways. ELA is still precious and with a very limited supply. This analogy should not make you think that ELA is like oil (the commodity traded in the stock market which can be traded below 0). ELA is similar to Bitcoin but for data.

Economical Value